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High-volume, Low cost, Efficient Programs

sustain2The economics of running a successful program are worthy of study and discussion.  Dr. David Yorston of Moorfields Eye Hospital published an article on High-volume surgery in developing countries in 2005.

We now see more and more eye programs setting examples of growing volumes of surgery through high volume, efficient delivery of care.  Integration of phacoemulsification and premium lenses have helped programs recover economically and also enable caring for a large volume of low paying blind patients.  This has especially been true in India and Nepal but is being seen in Guatemala, Peru and other sites around the globe.  All eyes are on development of eye programs in Africa and China which appear to be the big challenges with regards to either supply of eye surgeons or volume and efficiency of delivery systems.


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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 22:33

Financial Sustainability


A very important consideration for eye care clinics and programs in developing nations is whether the services provided to the community can become financially sustainable in a reasonable period of time.  As there has been many resources dedicated to evaluating programs in their specific areas and making a plan for the long term success, we encourage use of organizations that may be able to provide this invaluable advice and insight such as the International Eye Foundation or CBMI.  



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Geoff Tabin of University of Utah shares this video.

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