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16 March 2013 By In MSICS 101
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We welcome you to a wonderful site that represents the collaboration of many fine surgeons across the world.  As we all recognize, most all of us learn by seeing one, doing one and teaching one.  In this regards, we encourage all users of this site to contribute in some way to this effort.  

For those who are beginning, your experience is valuable and should be shared to help others who are just embarking on their journey with manual small incision cataract surgery.  Please share your experience of what is working for you, what is not working and what are the best resources that you have found.


For those of you who have years under your belt, we covet your time to share some of your experience.  Consider writing a "tips" article or sharing a video which illustrates some of what you have found to make a big difference in your success.  

In addition, many of recognize that we are involved in this endeavor to help those less fortunate around us and that despite if we are the best surgeon around, we are not able to accomplish the tasks at hand without an efficient, well trained staff and the needed supplies and equipment.  While this site is dedicated to the dissemination of information for learning manual sutureless cataract surgery, we encourage you to participate with an overall discussion of how to become sustainable and what it takes to move a program to the next level at

Lastly, please be reminded that the art of surgery is not learned simply by studying and watching videos and practicing with your hands in thin air.   To learn manual sutureless cataract surgery, one must dedicate to study the techniques and variations, but a defined hands on time with real surgery with an experienced mentor is critical as it was for most of us during our training. While the learning curve is shorter for many ophthalmologists who have ECCE experience, one axiom we know to be true is that if manual cataract surgery is not your primary procedure that you peform "day to day", then care must be taken each time that you embark utilizing this procedure.  As my favorite anesthetist always commented as I finished a cataract surgery, "If they were all that easy, even the FPs would be doing them!"

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