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08 November 2015 In Tips from pros

You'll want to enjoy these full MSICS cases that are done by experienced MSICS surgeons with each step explained.

16 April 2013 In MSICS Basics

Will Dean who has worked in Malawi shares this excellent video of a standard Fishhook technique

06 April 2013 In MSICS Basics

Part 1 of a series of MSICS lectures by Dr. Glenn Strauss given March 2013 at the Elias Santana residency in the Dominican Republic.  This lecture is filmed in high quality and has excellent videos included showing steps of MSICS.

28 March 2013 In MSICS 101

What's in your toolbox to accomplish what you need to do all your tricks of the trade?  Some of us have done MSICS surgery with a razor blade and blade breaker or a bunsen burner!  

At the MSICS Classroom, we hope to help each of you equip your toolbox with the right tools, right techniques and the best practices for becoming an efficient, quality surgeon in practically any situation that you are in.  This certainly is a challenge that is worthy of study and practice.

The community is full of many incredible resources in terms of ophthalmologists from all over the world who have extensive knowledge and practical expertise.  This is likely the most valuable asset in our toolbox that we hope to share.

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